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Landing Craft & Barges

Landing Craft & Barges For Sale
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-12m x 9mx 1.5m Barge
– Displacement DWL: 66 tonnes
– Draft DWL: 0.64m

TRUCKABLE BARGES – Price on Application

12mtr DUMB PONTOON BARGE “Truckable”
12m x 3m x 1.2m Modular Barge
10 tonne cargo deck load per pontoon / 20 tonne per pair

Barge Set

LANDING CRAFT – Please phone or email for price

LOA = 11.64m
Moulded Beam = 3.60m
Moulded Depth = 0.9m
Design Draft = 0.5m
Ready to go, includes all machinery, special equipment and safety gear.

Landing Craft