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Gas Injected Liquid Lubrication System

Ship’s Hull Air Lubrication Drag Reduction
Using WAIP patented Turbulence Modulation Drag Reduction Technology


WAIP – Wing Air Induction Pipe

Harwood Marine has been appointed by R & D Engineering Inc., Japan, as the WAIP sales agent for Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia.

The WAIP technology was developed by Mr Yoshiaki Takahashi. Prior to establishing R & D Engineering in 2001, Mr Takahashi was Lecturer in charge of Ocean Engineering Design for Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Department, University of Tokyo.

Mr Yoshiaki Takahashi.

Further Information
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The Advantage of the Wing Air Induction Pipe

The Wing Air Induction Pipe (WAIP) is a device for Ultra Fine Microbubble generation. Different to conventional ways of microbubble generation, the WAIP reduces frictional resistance, thereby reducing power requirements by up to 15%.
WAIP has shown in practical application & laboratory tests, that generation of Ultra Fine microbubble can be achieved with a very small amount of additional power.
The device doesn’t need any large scale power, & only needs a small amount of exterior power.
WAIP can reduce total power by 15% &/or more by drag reduction alone.
When building a new ship, you can place WAIPs as needed for targeted reduction of total power. When you ship is already in service, you can install WAIP technology when dry docked.