Harwood Marine

Marine Facilities

Are you looking for a location that includes all the marine facilities you are looking for in one place? There is nothing more frustrating than having to go to ten different businesses for your boating needs. That is why Harwood Marine is your one-stop location to access all your marine services.

We are more than just boat builders

Harwood Marine is perfectly equipped with exceptional marine facilities to repair, engineer, design or test your marine vessel.

Our yard is located on the upper North Coast, with direct access to the South Pacific Ocean.

Our facilities follow world-class health, safety, and environmental excellence standards to provide you with high-quality combinations of shipbuilding, repairs, and engineering services.

At Harwood Marine, we design, repair, and build to quality standards. As boat owners ourselves, we understand any concerns you may have. That is why we have a rapid 24-hour response service to assist you with all your enquiries and concerns.  


Our 3,000-tonne slipway can accept wider vessels up to 25 metres in beam length. Our marine facilities allow for vessels up to 100 metres in length to be docked.

At Harwood Marine, our facilities include 10, 22 and 100-tonne cranes on site according to the lift situation of each vessel. Included onsite, are elevated work platforms that allow ease of working on vessels at various heights.


At our Harwood Marine yard, we have five construction sheds, including our abrasive blasting and spray-painting facility.

Shed one is our main construction shed, which includes our main steel fabrication and welding area. In the main floor area, we have a 10-tonne overhead crane that assists with heavy lifting.

Shed two is our main aluminium construction shed. This shed features fabrication and welding areas with bays for smaller fabrication and fitting works. In this area, there is also an overhead crane in the main floor area to assist with heavy lifting. Shed two also features a mezzanine level with a site office to oversee production.

Shed 3 is our smaller steelwork shed. This contains a section for fabrications works and a section for machining work, such as lathes, presses etc.

Shed 4 is our abrasive blasting and painting shed. One half of the shed is fully contained, and the sand in this shed is recycled.

Shed 5 includes an undercover work area, where workers can carry out fabrication or welding works, machinery repairs, or maintenance.

Travel Lifts and Hardstand

Our 50-ton travel lift is a specialised crane that is used for lifting boats out of the water and transporting them around docks and marinas.

These cranes allow boats with masts or tall structures to be transported around hardstands.

The travel lift cranes tugs, yachts, and small ships out of the water for hull inspections, repairs, and maintenance. It can also pick up newly constructed vessels and lower them into the water for the first time.

We are also in the process of commissioning a larger 450-ton crane, capable of lifting vessels up to 50 meters in length and up to 12.5 metres wide.

The travel lift is used for out of water inspection and repair services such as: