Harwood Marine

Hardstand & Travel Lift

When you take your vessel into the professionals for maintenance work, you need to ensure that it is being worked on in the most ideal location, which includes a purposely designed marine hardstand.

A great way to maintain the value of your boat, to help safeguard against mechanical trouble on the water, is to have regular service checks. At Harwood Marine, our maintenance and repairs are done by our team in our hardstand area, using travel lifts to transport vessels around the facility.

Using a marine hardstand for boat works has many benefits, including less general wear on your vessel, compared to being worked on in the water. A hardstand also helps guarantee that your boat is safe and secure in weather conditions.

Lifting vessels easily with our state-of-the-art travel lift

To lift our vessels onto the marine hardstand areas, we use one of the most advanced travel lifts, capable of carrying up to 450 tonnes safely.

Our customised marine travel lift is used for carrying vessels from the water and transporting them with ease around our docks. The specially customised cranes allow for especially tall structures to be transported around hardstands, as the tall mast on vessels can pass into the centre of the crane.

The travel lift is designed to suit Harwood Marine and our customers. This includes the width of our travel lift area in the water, the wheel track width on the wharf and the structural weight of our lifting area. Our travel lift is located outside, fitted with customised slings that go underneath the vessel in the water before lifting.

Getting your boat in & out of the water safely

At Harwood Marine, we offer easy deep-water access, as well as a team of highly experienced operators and trades people, ready to ensure the safety of your boat.

Equipped with various workshop stations and marine hardstands, the travel lift allows for easy transportation through the Harwood Marine facility.