Harwood Marine

Experts in shipbuilding & repairs

From ship design and building, to engineering and technology services, maintenance and repairs, Harwood Marine offers a full range of marine services.

Operating on the Clarence River in the heart of Northern New South Wales, Australia, we deliver customer boat designs that fulfil lifestyle dreams and ships that deliver on business and operational goals.

Committed to Workplace Health, Safety, Quality & the Environment

Harwood Marine places great importance on providing a safe workplace for both employees and visitors to our site.

Our workplace environmental commitments are also high so that we ensure we operate in accordance with legislation and our EPA Licence No. 10807 and contribute positively to environmental sustainability and care for our environment.

Quality Management

Harwood Marine has accreditation for ISO 9001: 2015, which is current through until 20 January 2024.

Our many years of success in our industry can be attributed to both the level of quality of design and product we produce, and the total-service solution and experience we provide to our customers.

We are certified to class standards for welding, specialising in both steel and aluminium fabrication.

Building long term relationships with our customers is fundamental to our operations. We work closely with our customers throughout each and every step of the process, to ensure the final product ticks all of your boxes, whether they be for leisure and lifestyle or business.

As boat owners ourselves, we design and develop marine solutions that we would be proud to own and operate. If it doesn’t meet our tick of approval, we don’t expect it to meet yours – and we can be harsh critics.

Years of experience and an impressive record of success for our customers

Harwood Marine has been operating under its current structure with our existing managers since 1983. However, the original Harwood Slipway and Engineering Company constructed the first Slipway at our current site in 1969. The original site had a capacity of 1,000 tonnes. The site also featured a 50 metre slipway to service the marine vessels of cane and fishing industries and racing yacht design and construction.

Under the existing owners, Harwood Marine started out pulling out smaller vessels before developing further to cater for larger vessels. We originally started out as a ship repair company, but since then have expanded to cover various other marine services for our customers such as barge fitouts.

Over the years, we have grown significantly. We have not only expanded the marine services we provide, but also increased our capabilities regarding the size of the ships we can build. Harwood Marine started out by building small boats, flash forward to today, and we are working on 75 metre sea vessels.  We are proud to have developed a strong name for ourselves regarding the high-quality ships that we build.

Harwood Marine’s prime location

Our facilities are located in one of the most beautiful regions in Australia. Situated near the picturesque towns of Yamba and Iluka, our site is located next to prime deep waters with full maintenance and service facilities.

Our site can be reached with easy access from three key forms of transport.



Travel along the Pacific Highway, and find us on River Road. 



Depart at the Grafton stop, along the NSW North Coast train line.



At the mouth of the Clarence River. We are a declared First Port of Entry for commercial vessels.

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