Marine Engineering

How ideal would it be to have a company that designs your vessel and does your marine engineering?

It can be inconvenient and inefficient to have to work with multiple companies during the process of building your vessel, so why not make it simpler with Harwood Marine?

After your vessel gets designed and the general arrangement is assembled, our experienced team of qualified engineers can take the next steps to focus on the technical aspects of the building process.

Manufacturing high-quality vessels with marine engineering

At Harwood Marine, we specialise in aluminium and steel fabrication services. This enables us to deliver strong, reliable, commercial vessels that can be delivered on time and on budget.

Our team of marine engineering experts use a range of special techniques for a combination of steel hull and aluminium superstructures if that is what you require. These ensure our hulls will be strong and resilient below water and have lightweight strength above water. Alternatively, vessels can be designed and built in all steel or all aluminium.

Working alongside our customers to ensure total satisfaction

Our team of qualified engineers ensure there is consistent compliance with what you desire the end outcome to look like. We use detailed and structured marine engineering processes to deliver your vessel to production, whilst managing the installation of equipment on board the vessel.

Depending on the individual customer’s requirements, we adapt our plans for project efficiency whilst ensuring the vessel’s performance on the sea is not compromised.

Harwood Marine’s supply partners

We work alongside various agencies – providing the relevant parts, materials and equipment that we need for our marine engineering projects. Where ever possible, we attempt to source and supply locally, or within Australia.

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