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Abrasive Blasting

How long has it been since your vessel last had abrasive blasting carried out?

At Harwood Marine, our facilities include a 31m by 25m abrasive blasting and spray paint shed that is carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner. Maybe it is time your vessel came out of water for a blast and paint service.

Our team is well equipped to work with all marine-related vessels such as – ships, barges, private leisure boats and fishing vessels.

Why do I need to get my boat blasted?

Abrasive blasting smooths the hull in preparation of antifouling and paint, which avoids drag for better fuel consumption, as well as increasing the speed of your vessel.

Over time, unwanted organisms can build up on the surface of your vessel, creating an uneven texture on the hull, which decreases your vessels efficiency and slows it down. Therefore, it is recommended that the build-up should be removed every five years or so for maintenance and to prevent further damage.

What does the blasting process include?

Abrasive blasting is a fundamental practice across the marine industry. A blasting system is created to completely remove old coatings, while leaving the original gel clean and prepared – ready for new coatings.

After the vessel has been taken out of the water, pressure washed to remove salt and has had time to dry. We sheet up the boat, blast the boat’s surface, and then apply the primer within four hours of the blasting process. This process continues until the entire hull has been blasted, primer undercoat applied and the painting works carried out according to the paint specifications.

This technique in a controlled environment allows for any waste material to be contained and disposed of by a professional waste management company.

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