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Tugboat & Workboats

Are you looking for a company that will work alongside you to build and customise tugboats? Or are you looking to hire a tugboat?

When it comes to creating a workboat, coastal environments are complex and are not the same everywhere you go. That is why when we build a tugboat, we don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Instead, our team of engineers and qualified experts are equipped to build boats of all shapes and sizes – according to what you need.

Combining our specialities in engineering and boat building, Harwood Marine design tugboats and workboats. We collaborate with you on your operational requirements and safety needs to meet your specifications.

Our team are committed to building the highest of quality tugboats and workboats of all shapes and sizes on the water. We work on schedule and within your budget to ensure you receive a vessel that exceeds your expectations.

Working with you to find the best fit for the tugboat you require

Tugboats rely on the ability to generate a great deal of force. Our team will build to your design, or alternatively, we can provide our Harwood Maine design expertise from the Naval Architect team.

Throughout the designing and building process, our team will constantly assess the equipment being used. This includes evaluating whether environmentally friendly fuel systems can be put in as well as various more efficient systems can be put in place.

Our team at Harwood Marine follow all of the appropriate guidelines and safety procedures to ensure that your vessel meets industry standards and regulations.

Hire your tugboats with us!

Having your tugboats standing by in the water can be incredibly expensive, especially when there is a crew involved. Why not hire a tugboat with us?

Have peace of mind that our team can help move your barges around the site and to different berths with ease.

Our 6-metre workboat is ideal for running lines, taking river surroundings, helping with mooring buoys and more.

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